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Two-Spirit Gathering

The Montana Two-Spirit Gathering is a retreat for Native, First Nations, and Indigenous Two Spirit people, their partners, family and friends.

For over 25 years we have been hosting our Montana Two Spirit Gathering


The Gathering provides a safe, healthy, drug and alcohol-free environment. Its purpose is to encourage all people to heal from damage wrought by racism, sexism, ageism, colonialism, ableism, transphobia, generational trauma and homophobia and the negative impacts these have on health.​ As well as acknowledge and celebrate our heritages and cultural traditions.

What to Expect?

Each year we host a variety of events, from presentations to pageants, in the hopes of showcasing the knowledge and efforts of our two-spirit community members. You can expect to see:

  • Traditional ceremonies, including tending a sacred fire.

  • Presentations on various topics from our two-spirit community and allies

  • A pageant/variety show, hosting the talented members of our community to showcase their traditional or contemporary talents.

  • A two-spirit powwow on the final night

  • Various vendors showcasing their crafts.

  • Time to spend with community members in various camp activities.

Our Royalty 

LL Royal.png

Each year the Montana Two Spirit Society chooses two individuals who best represent our values as a two-spirit organization. Anyone who has attended at least one gathering is able to run for either title, regardless of gender identity. 


Each contestant will showcase a traditional number and a contemporary number during the talent show night and be able to express why they feel like they best represent our ideals for the next year. 

28th Annual
Two Spirit Gathering


August 15th-18th

Check in opens on the 15th, plan your travels accordingly.  The Gathering ends on, August 19th, although attendees are welcomed to stay until Sunday if needed and checkout will then be August 18th at noon.


Flathead Lake United Methodist Camp

If flying in look into Montana, look into flying to Kalispell (FCA).

If you need a ride from the airport, reach out. We have a limited capacity for transporting guests.


Indigenous First Nations People, Two-Spirit Peoples and their Families.

Not Indigenous or two-spirit?

We welcome non-natives
 peoples who are sponsored by a native two-spirit peoples individual. 

Curious about the Gathering? Have questions about Elder etiquette? Want to know what to bring? Any other questions?

Email us at



28th Annual
Montana Two Spirit 

The 28th Two Spirit Gathering will take place on August 15th - 18th.  Everyone must register.



Deadline for scholarships is June 16th. We will announce scholarships in July.

Please register before applying for a scholarship.



If you plan on selling your arts & crafts, please register below. 

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