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Our Work

The Montana Two Spirit Society formed in 1996 through a joint effort by Pride Inc. (Montana’s LGBT advocacy organization) and the Montana Gay Health Task Force to conduct an annual Two Spirit Gathering.  Over the years, the gathering has grown from a handful of participants to nearly 100 attendees from not only Montana but surrounding states as well.  Tribes from all over Turtle Island are represented at the Gathering.

Our Mission

The mission of the Montana Two Spirit Society is to advocate and educate the Montana LGBTQ community and general community about Two Spirit issues, histories and traditions.  We promote health, wellness and spiritual well being by sharing our traditions with one another, healing past wounds, and learning new ways to combat disease.  We also outreach and build alliances and coalitions with other community based organizations to increase visibility of the Two Spirit and Native LGBTQ community and restore our traditions.



Over the years, the Montana Two Spirit Society has brought more awareness about Two Spirit and Native LGBTQ issues by:​


  • Conducting Montana Two Spirit Gathering for 25 years

  • Hosting the International Two Spirit Gathering

  • Marching at LGBTQ Pride parades

  • Conducting workshops and presentations at conferences, summits and retreats

  • Attending similar Two Spirit gatherings around the country

  • Networking with other Two Spirit societies and Native LGBTQ groups

  • Current member of the International Council of Two Spirit Societies

  • Collaborating with LGBTQ organizations such as Western MT 2S-LGBTQ Community Center and Montana Gay Health Task Force

Want to Contribute?

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